Grady William Covin

Grady William Covin

Contact Info

Grady Covin Ministries
571 Hummingbird Lane
Wilsonville, AL 35186

Office Phone: 205.601.6986


Spouse: Patricia
Birthday: May 16th
Evangelist Type: Vocational Evangelist
Year Entered Evangelism: 2004
Years Experience in Evangelism: 14
Year Entered Ministry: 2004
Years Experience in Ministry: 14
Church: Antioch Baptist Church
Pastor: Phillip Rush
Association: Shelby Baptist Association

Ministry Description

My calling and my heart’s desire is very simple. It is to preach the gospel to a lost and dying generation. What a wonderful Savior we serve and what a great honor and privilege I have received in my calling to deliver this great message. May God grant me the opportunity and the ability to be a willing, humble and clean vessel to do just that for many years.